When you use the Findl Dating website, personal data is recorded and processed. The person responsible for data processing is Findl Dating in Winschoten, the Netherlands. Findl finds it important to treat your personal data with all due care and confidentiality. In this statement you can read which personal data Findl processes about you, for what purposes and on what basis. We also explain how long we keep your data and what your rights are with regard to this data, for example the right to inspect or delete and with which parties we share data.

Processed data

When you use Findl's services, the personal data you provide is stored and processed. Data that you provide is:
- email address
- username and password
- zip code
- all data that you enter on your profile
- photos you upload

In addition to the data that you provide yourself, Findl may collect, store and process additional personal data. This concerns the following information:

- data about your device (including screen size, operating system)
- information about the browser you use (including name and version of the browser)
- information about the time of logging in and visiting pages

Google Analytics collects anonymous statistics that we use to constantly improve the service.

Profile data

You are free to fill in your profile or leave out what you feel comfortable with.
Findl is based on the principle 'fair treatment': the more you fill out your own Profile, the more you can see in other's.
For example, if you do not fill in wich languages ??you speak, you will not be able to see in other profiles which languages ??they speak.
Profiles are only accessible to logged in members.


Findl uses SSL, "https" on the website, where the connection between your browser and our server is encrypted. This makes "listening in" by malicious people difficult to impossible. Passwords are stored in encrypted form, making it impossible to read them.
The optional notifications that can be sent to your browser or mobile might pose a risk to your pricavy (think of a shared computer, for example). For this we have built in "My Account" the option to manage to which devices your notifications are sent. If you no longer wish to receive notifications on your home computer, remove this device from the list.

Purpose and basis of the processing of your data

The information you provide will be processed by Findl for the following purposes:

For the formation and implementation of the agreement. For example, to search for the most suitable match based on your profile, or to show your profile in the search results of other members. If you choose this, we use your location data to show you on the map. Findl only collects data that is necessary to be able to provide the service.

Social Accounts

Findl wants to check profiles for authenticity, in order to guarantee the quality of the service. For this we offer the possibility to verify your account via a social media account from Facebook, Google or Twitter. This verification procedure is one-off, and can take place when creating your account, or afterwards. We ask your social media platform during this verification procedure for two things: your name and your email address. Other data that may be available on the platform is not retrieved or stored by Findl.
Since most (if not all) social media platforms usually collect a huge amount of data, the code libraries are only loaded if it is necessary for this procedure. This is done on the "Register" and "My Account" pages, no third-party social media code libraries are loaded on the rest of the website.

Push messages and notifications

Findl offers the possibility to receive browser and mobile notifications. These "push messages" are sent encrypted via the Google Firebase platform. The processing of this data can take place outside the Netherlands. By the way, Findl never sends the content of a message in a notification, only a notification that there is a message. This notification option can be completely disabled in "My Account", and the Google Firebase code libraries will not be loaded while surfing.


Except Analytics, Findl does NOT use third-party tools that can be used to record surfing behavior. We do keep an internal record of which pages are visited, but we do not use external tracking systems other than Analytics. We never provide information from profiles of our members to external parties or advertisers. It is possible that this platform collects data during the one-off verification procedure with a social account, but this verification procedure is one-off and optional.

Deletion of your account

Findl gives you the option to temporarily disable your profile. Your profile will not be displayed on the website.
You also have the option to delete your account at any time. This removes your account, your photos, your messages, your likes, your favorites and your profile and cannot be undone.


The basis for processing your data for the above purposes is consent. You give this permission by accepting the statement during the registration process of Findl. Another basis is to be able to comply with the laws and regulations that apply to Findl, such as, for example, the retention obligation for the tax authorities. The basis for the processing of your data for the above purposes is compliance with a legal obligation of Findl.
The information known about you can be used internally by Findl on an anonymous basis for analytical purposes. This data is not traceable to you, but gives us insight into the composition of our members. This information enables Findl to constantly improve products and services.

We wish you a safe, pleasant experience on our platform,


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