How to cancel relatieplanet

How to cancel relatieplanet


How can I cancel Relatieplanet?

Are you done with Relatieplanet? Here is how you to cancel your Relatieplanet account. And how to try Findl, a good alternative for Relatieplanet.

This is how you cancel your Relatieplanet membership

First of all you have to deactivate your Relatieplanet profile:
Click on your username at the top right, go to "My registration" at the top left of the menu.
Then click on "profile status" on "change", and choose "deactivated, not visible and offline", and then "Save".
As a final step, enter your password and then click OK.

Unsubscribe from Relatieplanet

Now you will receive an email in which you can unsubscribe.
Click on the link in the email to delete your Relatieplanet account.

Alternative to Relatieplanet: Findl

Findl is new and fresh, has only verified profiles, and an excellent matching engine.
You can start with a free dating profile, or go for Premium. We do not ever renew your subscription without your consent.

Yes, let me try Findl!
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